日 期 2019-10-09 - 2019-10-12
展览馆 雅加达国际展览中心

Innovations for Indonesia’s Forward Industries 

The combined exhibitions are focused towards delivering new solutions that would spur further innovation across the country’s vastly developing manufacturing sectors for heavy industries as well as the fast-moving retail sector for home DIY and commercial craft sectors.

Together, the exhibitions will offer an eye-opening business experience that highlight top-quality technologies in fastener and fixing solutions, industrial and house tools, hardware, equipment and products for major industrial and end-user applications.


  * launch new products at an industry-recognised event

  * establish valuable networks while introducing the latest technological know-how to visitors

  * expand their own sales channels to other commercial buyers and end consumers

  * conduct on-site product demonstrations, technical presentations and seminars

Indo Tools & Hardware and Indofastener Show is a multi-range trade platform for Industrial Tools, Hardware, Equipment, Homeware and their Fastener & Fixing Needs– All in One Place!

Manufacturers who have developed new applications and distributors that are marketing products and services that are essential to the industrial and home hardware users are invited to exhibit at Indo Tools & Hardware and Indofastener Show。

Special Focus

  Focus on DIY goods

  * Products for home improvement use

  * Tools and materials for unique craftmanship

  * Equipment inventions for one-man operator hardware applications

  * Hardware accessories and tools for mass-market user segments

Focus on Furniture & Fenestration Industry Needs

The exhibitions also pride itself in providing the complete industry value chain by assimilating tooling, fastener and hardware needs required as part of the entire fenestration such as doors, windows as well as furniture manufacturing and production processes.

This augmentation is made possible by the co-location of the INDOFASTENER and INDOTOOLS & HARDWARE exhibitions alongside IFMAC and WOODMAC, thereby providing a beneficial one-stop sourcing activity for industry buyers and visitors.

Relevant Product Range :

  · Screws and Screwdrivers

  · Bolts

  · Nuts

  · Pliers

  · Wrench

  · Springs

  · Bearings

  · Blind Fastener (rivets, rivet nuts, cage)

  · Nails

  · Staples and Brads

  · Clamps and Rings

  · Knobs and Handles

  · Locking Devices (Pins, Keys and Seals)

  · Hooks

  · Adhesives and Tapes

  · Wires

  · Plastic and Nylon Fasteners

  · Fasteners Assemblies and Combinations

  · Concentrate Anchors, Mechanical

  · Interior Fixings

  · Wall Plugs

  · Drywall Fixings and Systems

  · Windows Screw and Frame

  · Sanitary and Plumbing Fixing

  · Security Fastener for Building

  · Stainless Steel Fixings

  · Roofing and Solar Installation Fixing

  · Brackets and Connectors

  · Automated Fastener / Assembly Systems

  · Hand Tools

  · Power Tools

  · Riveters

  · Drivers and Screws Insertion Systems

  · Presses and Insertion Tools & Equipment

  · Assembly Jigs and Rigs

  · Clinching

  · Nailing / Stapling Tools and Systems

  · Collated Fastener Systems

  · Welding / Soldering Equipment

  · Abrasives

  · Adhesives

  · Forging / Heading Material

  · Presses and Stamping Machinery

  · Tooling, Dies, and Punches

  · Surface Treatment, Coatings and Sealants

Top 5 Main Product Interest













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